August 17, 2017
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Issues and Legislation


                                                           Posted: December 2014




The following is an outline of certain topics that have been highlighted by our members at our Legislative Roundtable this past fall.  These issues will be the focus of our discussions with State legislative leaders.


Reinstatement of Tax Credits for Flow-Through Entities

Non-Traditional Apprenticeship Programs

Review of TDI/TCI, Unemployment and Workers Comp Programs

Educational System / Career & Tech Programs

Holiday Flexibility (Victory Day)

Energy Costs, Infrastructure and Alternative Energy Sources

Regulatory Reform Effort

Support of Polaris MEP, ORR, Export Asst., etc.


While we understand there may be strong opposition to some of these measures, we need each of you to make sure your representative understands that it is the businesses in this state, manufacturers and others, who employ our residents and create the jobs needed to improve our economy.  Support of our position on these measures will help companies grow and expand their workforce.  This will help make companies more competitive (and profitable) which will result in increased tax revenues for RI.

I urge you to review this list with your local representative and senator; have them consider the real business and economic consequences; and, implore them to support us. Please contact us if you would like additional details regarding any of these matters or if you have other items of importance impacting your business that are not included below.

For more details regarding RIMA's 2015 Legislative agenda or to discuss any legislative or regulatory concerns, please contact us at




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Energy Costs / Energy Infrastructure / General Infrastructure

RI Health Insurance Exchange Funding

Other Post-Employment Benefits (State & Municipal)

Municipal Tax Burden




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