December 21, 2014
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The Rhode Island Manufacturers Association (“RIMA”) was organized to provide a unified voice from the manufacturing community to our government, with a mission to …

  • educate the public and government leaders about the importance of a competitive and profitable manufacturing base and the great jobs it can produce
  • develop and support manufacturing / career and technical education programs (K-12, after school, post-secondary, incumbent and adult worker, etc.)
  • monitor developing actions and serve as a resource for the policymakers in the office of the Governor, its regulatory agencies, and the legislature that are relevant to manufacturing
  • influence the direction and outcome of these developing actions in a way that improves the business climate and competitiveness for manufacturers
  • inform our members of developments before legislative and regulatory decisions are taken so that we can make our voices heard
  • link with the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and the Manufacturing Institute, lending our support to matters taken up on the Federal level that impact manufacturers
  • network across our membership with programs, workshops and social events to enable expanded local relationships between manufacturers sharing common challenges

Our members benefit from the power of our collective voices, representing and protecting the more than 40,000 manufacturing jobs in the State of Rhode Island.  With this power, we gain access to the influencers and decision makers in the State House in hopes that manufacturing’s voice can be properly integrated into our government’s actions.  We are living in exceptional times.  More so than ever before, we … manufacturers of all types … need to make ourselves heard.


Requirements for membership are simple … carry out the work of manufacturing in a business in Rhode Island and your company is eligible for membership.  Dues are small in comparison to the value of our mission and the benefits you will receive.


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